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How to Make an Animated GIF

This workshop will introduce participants to the basic animation principals of movement, looping, framing, using delay, and constructing animation cells. Using free online software, participants will make a GIF by the end of the workshop and view it online. Participants will be introduced to a range of artists and illustrators creating GIFs, as well as ideas on how to present GIFs inside and outside of the digital realm.


The workshop is open-ended in order to support participants working in a range of mediums. It can be modified to suit a range of skill levels from introductory to advanced. Advanced workshops can include additional information on how to disassemble GIFs into a series of still images, working with video files, and other topics. 

This workshop generally runs 2 hours, but can be modified to suit your group’s needs. It can also effectively be broken into two sessions - an initial workshop session and a second session at a later date where participants meet back up to share and discuss their GIFs. It can be offered online or in person.


Past workshops have been offered in University Fine Arts programs, as educational programming at galleries and art centres, and in high and elementary school classes. Clients include:

Tombstone Territorial Park Interpretive Centre

Klondike Institute of Art and Culture

Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Southamton Arts Centre

4elements Living Arts

Union Gallery

Queen’s University 

Beyond Classrooms – Grades 6-8

Robert Service School – Grade 6

Participants will require access to a computer and the internet, and the ability to take or scan images and transfer them to a computer. Imaging software such as Photoshop is helpful, but not required.

For Rates, to Book, and for more information, please contact me via email or through my contact page

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